Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The New Address...

Hey y'all!  

And by "y'all" I really just mean my mom. 

Hi Mom!

I know.  It's been a long time since I've visited this little address.  

For years, I dreamed of changing internet address.  Moving all of this over to some place more professional and swanky.  Only problem is, I'm neither professional nor swanky.

So instead, I simply started over.

Yep.  I moved.  

My new address is here

Got started in January and just kept it quiet.  I wanted to see if I remembered how to write.  Like real words with purpose and hope and meaning instead of just a recap of my kids' activities.  I mean, that's the exact intent behind this blog.  Keeping our family and friends updated on our little life from half a country away.

But I need to do more.

And I've begun the work of doing just that.  

I hope y'all will follow me over there at the new place.  If you follow, you'll get a professional and maybe swanky looking email telling you there's a new post.  No more randomly wondering over to the blog to see if there's something new to read.  

For now, this blog will stay up.  One day, I'll get it all converted into books and then delete it all.  But that's likely years from now.  So this will likely be the last post here.  

It's time to move.  

And y'all know, I've had lots of practice with that.

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