Our nest...

How 'bout some photos of our living space?  All the painting is done now.  Well, okay, so the baseboards aren't entirely done but they are as done as they're gonna get before Rhys arrives.  

Dining room, complete with two table cloths as curtains.  Got them on clearance at Target and I.  Love.  Them.  There are no decorations in the room.  I have plans but those will have to wait.  Guessing early 2013 maybe.  On Wednesdays and Fridays while AK is at preschool.

The view from the entrance.  It looks long and skinny.  And it is.  But I love opening the front door and seeing the fireplace right in the middle.  That's always been on my "wish list" for a house.

One side of the kitchen.  The cafe curtains are napkins.  Also Target.  Because all good and beautiful household items come from Target.  We love the white cabinets but are hoping to replace the white counters one day.  We want black granite.  I'm kind of partial to black and white kitchens.  They are simple and well, black hides a whole lot.  

Back side of the kitchen.  We adore our used fridge and our new cook top from Ikea.  One day we'll replace the microwave, oven and stove hood.  

Living area.  Complete with Aubrey Kate.  She makes it way cuter.  Ideally, I'd replace the denim slipcovers with white and buy a new couch.  I think that's so far down on the list though that we'll likely move again before I get those.

View of the whole living space.  I really love the layout.  Open with a side of way open.  Makes life really easy.  

More to come...once we finish painting.  


  1. Everything looks beautiful!
    Love, Mom

  2. Great job, as usual! Love those tablecloth Target curtains. Fab.U.Lous!