Thursday, November 17, 2016

The End of Pumpkin Season...

Nothing like getting an email from my mom at 5:28 AM on a Saturday morning reminding me I might want to consider putting up a post.

Because, as she noted, she might be the only one reading and commenting but she still misses the updates.

At this point, Mom, you are very likely the only reader.

So this one's for you!

Honestly, the past month has been both busy and not busy.  After my birthday weekend celebration and then Halloween itself, I just needed a break.  And for me, a break is not so much of a break as much as it is a change in creative outlets.

Thus, after swearing it off, I have started scrapbooking agin.  In a short nine days, I managed to finish August 2013 to August 2014.  A whole year, an entire scrapbook.  

In nine days.

And then, when I could have taken a break and started writing again, the computer died.  It spent a week at the Computer Hospital.  So a bazillion dollars later, we have it back.  Supposedly, it will last us another three years.

Too bad there's nothing in writing to guarantee that.

So I kept right on scrapbooking.  I've not gotten caught up through Aubrey Kate's fifth birthday party in 2015.  I have pictures printed for the rest of that year till August 2015.  I'm hoping I can finish that next week.  Then I'll only be a year behind and honestly, I'll have likely hit the end of my scrapbooking creative well and be ready to move on.

I tend to get singularly focused on projects.  I'm never focused on one type of thing all the time but whatever cycles around, I get fully committed to for however long the urge lasts.  So if I'm moving in to a house, I am singularly focused on moving in and decorating.  If I'm crafting to holidays (that's coming up), I dive in fully.  And if I'm scrapbooking, I just get it in the book.  My decorating, organizing, crafting and scrapbooking are not AT ALL perfect but it's done.  If I don't like something, I change it.  It doesn't have to be perfect.  It simply needs to be done.

So these scrapbooks I finished, it's not the best I've ever done.  Or even the second best.  But the photos are printed, paper cut and journals done.  I can't complain.  Another year and a half of our little family's life documented.  

Anyway, for Mom, and any other member of our family reading this, let's post some photos and recap  THE LONGEST SEASON.  Halloween season.  Or Pumpkin season.

Not sure why, but it is the longest, busiest season.  More so than Thanksgiving (the easiest, shortest season) (although that's largely because we stay home).  Even more than Christmas.  Most would argue that.  But I promise.  For us, it's Pumpkin season.

Maybe it's the costume issues.  

Or that every single business/church/school in ALL THE LAND has an event.  Free, nonetheless.  And the kids want to do them all.  Leaving us with enough candy to last for a year.

So here we go!

While Mom and Dad were here, we went to the little pumpkin patch down the street from us.  It's the Methodist Church and I'm assuming it raises money for something but I have zero idea what.  Regardless, it was precious.  Aubrey Kate did not want to go.  Rhys, as with all things, was super excited.  The ying and yang of life.

That night after the pumpkin patch, we all got dressed up for Aubrey Kate's elementary school Pumpkin Party.  Both kids were crazy excited for this.  Nana and Puddin went with us.  We walked to school with our neighbors and it all felt very small town precious.

I worked so hard to get this mermaid costume just right for AK and her sensory issues.  I must have done well because she proceeded to wear it for the next three days.  Solid.  It could have walked on it's own by Sunday night.

This is AK's sweet teacher.  And yes, there's a baby in there.  She'll be out from Thanksgiving to February.  I was initially concerned but AK seems to approve of the long-term sub who just happens to be Kathleen Kelly.  I have yet to meet her but if she's as amazing as the stories of her in "You've Got Mail," them I am ALL IN.

And here we all are at the end of the night.  Rhys really did have a blast.  He just didn't want his picture taken.  Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't.  Other than being tired, I can't predict when he'll be one or the other.  AK had a blast and I got to meet some of her sweet friends she talks about from her class.

The next day was our little Pumpkin Block Party.  Our neighbor asked if we would be interested in helping her throw one and I enthusiastically said Ummmm, YEAH.  We served hotdogs, chili, cookies and waters.  Several of our neighbors came by and we got to visit and get to know people.  Like neighbors are supposed to do.  Nana and Puddin were here to help.  

And while the adults visited and ate, the kids (and Chris) carved pumpkins in the garage.  It was BYOP and the kids had a blast.  I was going nowhere near them, after last year when I did it ALL BY MYSELF.  Because my kids didn't want to get their hands dirty.  Fool me once...

That night, Chris pulled off the surprise party to end all surprise parties for my 40th birthday.  It was so precious.  I'll have to post separately on that.  It was good.

Sunday, was family day.  With much more family than I was expecting when the weekend started!  I have a whole post on this picture too.  You'll be completely NOT surprised to know I've given that moment in the photo a whole lot of thought and prayer.

Monday, Mom met AK at school for lunch.  Aubrey Kate was over the moon excited to have Nana with her.  There are not enough of these moments.  Just not.  But I am grateful for the few we have.  They are treasures.  

While Mom and AK were eating, Dad and I had ourselves a little In and Out Burger date.  Although, we didn't take a selfie of the moment.  

The next week brought, finally, the actual day of Halloween.  AK could wear her costume to school.  Which would have been fine.  Except something set her off about her shoes and I found her in her closest bawling.  At about the exact moment we should have been walking out the door for school.  

I have bought her, no lie, EIGHT pairs of shoes in the past month to try and find a pair that fit her.  Her sensory issues extend all the way down to her toes.  Most of the shoes I could return but there were a couple she initially loved only to decide they hurt when it was time to actually wear them.  


So Halloween morning did not start out well for us.  Both of us were crying.  Her because her shoes hurt (or itched or just felt "weird") and me because I was exhausted from giving this issue my all and still failing.  These issues aren't just hers.  They extend to the whole family and I was just bone tired.

And, that brings me to the Reese's pumpkins.  I ran and then went to Target to walk around and just breathe.  I found these sugar, chocolatey masterpieces and ate them almost in two bites.  

They were fabulous.

Don't let anyone tell you food is not medication.  It totally is.  Maybe it shouldn't be.  At least not all the time.  But that day, after Aubrey Kate threw her shoes one by one against the wall of her closet and I could do ZIPPO to help her, I needed chocolate medication.

That night, Chris was actually at home.  For the first Halloween in the kids entire lives.

I'm not kidding.

The kids and I have been doing Halloween by ourselves for six years.

He took them out Trick or Treating.  I stayed on the driveway.  In a chair.  And passed out over 500 pieces of candy to our neighborhood full of precious children.

Chris says they went to every house in the neighborhood.  And they LOVED IT.

I got to tell kids how awesome and beautiful and strong they looked in their costumes.  Give out more than necessary.  Tell their mommas and daddies to have a great night and thank them for coming by.

Halloween.  The only night of the year people come right up to you to fill up bags and hearts.  I love it.

After that night, I was done.  Well, okay.  I was pretty much done that morning when we all walked to school crying.  But I managed to pull it together and enjoy the excitement of the night.

I woke up the next morning just flat super grateful to be done with the whole thing.  

November, you are welcome here.


  1. Well i think I'm out of the dark with my devices. I tried to post a few days ago, nope.
    So, thanks for the words and the post. I loved being there that weekend! We picked the best weekend ever, much ado about pumpkins­čśŹ
    Love you!

  2. Keep posting friend! I get so much encouragement from reading your words. Although our kids may be at different ages and stages in their lives, you always make me feel a little bit better about everything. And I love hearing about your family!

  3. Your Mom is NOT the only one reading....