Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sugar-free, Gum and Chocolate Bunnies, Oh My...

I realize the first thing you are wondering is, "How's the whole sugar free situation going?"

And the answer is, Meh.

I'm still on it.  Or off it.  Not sure which IT it is at this point.  But either way, I'm powering through.  

The muscle weakness and exhaustion are gone.  That kicked my tail for a solid ten days.  

What hasn't happened, however, is a reduction in the craving of the sugar.  Supposedly, I'll reach a point where I'm not even hungry.  Where I might actually FORGET TO EAT.  Considering I spend a rather embarrassing portion of my mental energy thinking about, planning for and physically indulging in eating food, I believe 100% that will be a bonafide miracle should it actually happen.

I'm not holding my breath.

But, I can say, I've figured it out.  At least for now.  

Breakfast was the biggest challenge.  For sure.  I may never eat another egg, in any form, again.  For as long as I live.  But some turkey or chicken sausage with strawberries and a glass of unsweetened almond milk serves me well.  I can even do bacon.  I don't mind some good bacon.  But I can never do eggs again.  

It's kinda like gingerale.  I drank that stuff exclusively for almost 20 months solid of my life.  

I'm done with it.  For forever.

As for soda, I have had a couple of those.  Well, literally two.  Mrs. JT and I went to the movies (a REAL, LIFE MOVIE THEATER) last Friday and instead of diving headfirst into a warm bag of buttery popcorn goodness, I drank a Coke Zero.  A small consolation.

Then Monday, while my children slurped their way through vanilla ice cream cones in the back of the car, I drank a small Diet Coke.

Listen.  I do what I can.

Other than that, it's been water and a combo of half water, half sweetened with Stevia tea, which is allowable on this diet.  

I've lost almost ten pounds.  Which was not the whole point AT ALL but it helps.  I've kinda stalled out there.  Which is fine.  My jeans fit again and I'll take that.

Although, I've only been able to wear jeans twice.  Because it's still 88 degrees here.  

But when fall temperatures actually arrive, I AM READY.

With that out of the way (which was obviously, the most important part), let's recap last week.

Last Sunday was an eventful day.  First, Aubrey Kate got gum in her hair.  At church.  She does not remember how.  Only that it was at some point in her mouth and then it wasn't.  So we had to get our hair cut.  By several inches.

There is the gum, in all it's glory.  

And here's her before and after.  She lost probably three inches.  Now in my opinion, which we all understand means zippo, she needed the hair cut.  Her tangles were getting out of control.  But Pumpkin wanted to grow her hair as long as Rapunzel's.  And that is hard to do when you get gum in your hair at church though some magic no one can explain.  So she'll just have to try again.  

Aubrey Kate also finally lost her first tooth.  That thing had been hanging on for dear life for a week.  Chris noticed the permanent tooth coming in behind it so he took matters into his own hands.  Or his own string.

He told AK he could pull her tooth with a string, and true to her strong-natured self, she said, "No you can't!  PROVE IT."

And really, she had no idea who she was dealing with.  Apple.  Meet THE TREE.

Took him a couple of tries but he got it out.  

I would like to say she won't be asking for proof of anything again but that's a lie.  She needs proof for everything all the time.  

The tooth fairy visited that night and left her a dollar.  

Now listen.  I'd done my due diligence here.  I'd asked around to other mommies about what their tooth fairly had left.  Our's was in the right ball park.  One to two dollars.  

But when she woke up, and I have no idea how early because she was one the couch when I got up at 6:30, she was less than thrilled with her dollar.

Apparently, she'd been expecting enough to buy the Barbie Dream House she'd seen at Walmart.

That costs $189. 

One hundred and eighty-nine dollars.

Her exact words were, "But Eva had a 'generous tooth fairy!'  She got a chocolate bunny!"

Yes.  And I believe Walmart does not accept chocolate bunnies in exchange for Barbie Dream Houses.  This is not a barter system, girl.

(Side note:  Eva got the chocolate bunny because her tooth fairy did not have cash but she did have left over Easter candy.  So "generous.")

By the end of the day, Aubrey Kate announces she doesn't believe the tooth fairy exists at all.  If Tinkerbell is not real then neither is the Tooth Fairy.  

"I think you and Daddy snuck into my room, took the tooth and left them this dollar.  That's it.  End of story."

I neither agreed nor denied her allegation.  I find it's better just to listen and let her vent.

Regardless, she won't turn down the next Tooth Fairy visit.  

So instead of the Barbie Dream House and instead of saving her dollar, she opted to buy some fake, plastic food at the Dollar Store.  

Clearly the better choice.  

This way, I don't have to twitch every time I come into her room and see a blasted Barbie Dream House.  

And, yes, I realize Christmas is coming.  And it's one of the only things her list.  So twitching WILL happen.  Eventually.

Also last week, Aubrey Kate got her Star Student stuff in the front of the school on display.  She picked one of my favorite pictures of her to go along with her trophy.

I love her "interesting facts" about herself. "I love to dance.  I like art at school.  I have a little brother."

She's awesome.  

Strong-willed.  Highly sensitive.  And awesome.  

(Side note:  I've linked up "highly sensitive" there in case you wanted to read more about it.  Took me hours upon hours of researching all her delicate sensibilities to come to this conclusion.  Although, I do have a pediatric occupational therapist friend who knows AK well and 100% agrees with me on my Google MD diagnosis.)

(Also, if you're wondering how she scored on the test, 100%.  Because the girl does nothing half way)

And that brings us to the end of the update on AK.  I'll have to save the update on Rhys until the next post.  This is getting long.  And he deserves his own post.  

AK got to share her post with sugar.  Maybe because she's all the sweet I need?  

Meh.  I'd take a big bowl of ice cream regardless of how sweet my daughter is.  ANY. DAY.

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