Friday, April 3, 2009

Gratitude Friday…

Mom and I were talking this week about just how blessed we all are. I’ve been reading Job and thinking the same. Let’s just make this simple. We forget the simple and often spend too much time looking for the complex.

1. Family & Friends – We are surrounded by love and support. Should any one of my family or friends need me, I would get on a plane immediately. And I know they would do the same.

2. Shelter – We all have nice homes the Lord has provided. What a blessing to have a warm, safe, comfortable home.

3. Food – How blessed we are to live so close to more food than the world has ever known! We aren’t living on powdered milk and saving toothpaste caps like our grandparents did. Food is abundant and relatively inexpensive.

4. Health - We are, for the most part, healthy and happy. Are we the healthiest we could be? No but we’re also not suffering through painful and terminal diseases.

5. Future security – I personally can’t wait to get to my retirement home. My eternal home. Heaven is waiting for me when my time here is complete. My children are there now praising Jesus and worshiping next to Peter, Hannah and my grandmother. Thank you Dear Lord for saving me through Your Grace and providing an eternal home for us.

I love you all! My prayers are with each of you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and spend just a few moments thanking the Lord for all He has provided.


  1. I agree! Thank you! I'm thankful for the both of you and the three in Northport. You are all wonderful! Love, Mom

  2. And all that food it brought to you by chemicals and scientific advancement. :)

    You know I support your organic move, but I just couldn't pass that up.